Compx MFW1148-KA79 Gem Cam Lock 1-1/2in

Compx MFW1148-KA79 Gem Cam Lock 1-1/2in

Our patented tubular removable core lock offers a high level of security while allowing field re-keying through the removable core features. The lock core can be removed and a new core installed within seconds.

Key branding and overmolding is available to create a higher level of brand recognition. Locks are available in various lengths and cam configurations, including direct drive tail ends.

A free spinning collar is offered as an option to prevent lock manipulation with standard hand tools

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SKU: COM-2929
  • Description


  • MFW1038:
    • 1/2".
    • Not Available Master Keyed.
  • MFW1058:
    • 23/32".
  • MFW1078:
    • 15/16".
  • MFW1118:
    • 1-5/32".
  • MFW1148:
    • 1-1/2".
    • Not Available Master Keyed.


  • KD, KA 27379, 27380, 27381, 27382, 27383, 27384, & 27385.


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